Oregon, USA
Friday, May 5, 2023

“The spirit guides into all truth; he is the teacher of an expanding and always-growing religion of endless progress and divine unfolding. This new teacher will be forever unfolding to the truth-seeking believer that which was so divinely folded up in the person and nature of the Son of Man.” [UB, 194:3.8]

Thought Adjuster: “Fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus, the eventful day of Pentecost was the inception point of a never-ending dispensation of truth disclosure on an individual need-to-know basis. Ponder this for a moment and it cannot fail to make you feel taken care of by Spirit individually, not just collectively. The Spirit of Truth is your private tutor—even though he attends to a multitude.

After a thorough evaluation, successful educators meet their students at their developmental level and cater to the forward evolution of those exhibiting a willingness to learn.  The only prerequisite to activate the Spirit of Truth in your inner life is that you be a “truth-seeking believer.” How else could you receive his gifts?  The sincerity of the heart is also another precondition. Doesn’t it make sense that only a heart free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy can become a worthy tabernacle for sanctified truth?

“Do not overlook the fact that the Spirit of Truth was bestowed upon all sincere believers; [. . . and] all the honest of heart throughout the whole world. This new teacher was bestowed upon mankind, and every soul received him in accordance with the love for truth and the capacity to grasp and comprehend spiritual realities. At last, true religion is delivered from the custody of priests and all sacred classes and finds its real manifestation in the individual souls of men.” [UB, 194:3.6]

Knowing this, accept the benevolent contribution of the powerful spiritual influences ever on standby in what you should cherish as your inner sanctuary. Ask for their enlightened advice and guidance and be on the lookout for the subtle insights they provide for your spiritual enlightenment.”