Thursday, May 4, 2023
“If religion is an opiate to the people, it is not the religion of Jesus. On the cross, he refused to drink the deadening drug, and his spirit, poured out upon all flesh, is a mighty world influence which leads man upward and urges him onward. The spiritual forward urge is the most powerful driving force present in this world; the truth-learning believer is the one progressive and aggressive soul on earth.” [UB, 194:3.4]
Thought Adjuster: "Despite his groundbreaking spiritual achievements, Jesus remained a humble and down-to-earth individual ever focused on his higher calling while dealing with the vicissitudes of human living. How else could the incarnated Creator Son have revealed God to men?
While in the flesh, he was a visible ambassador of the heavenly Father to his fellowmen. After ascending to higher experiential realms, he sent his Spirit of Truth to fill the great void left by his absence. Doesn’t it make perfect sense that the Spirit of Truth is a mighty driving force? Through its ongoing disclosures to those who ask pertinent questions, it encourages them to lead God-centered lives.
By turning inward and contemplating its practical gems of knowledge and wisdom, the ‘truth-learning believer’ feeds his soul with premium nutrients. It is what differentiates him or her from those who foolishly claim to possess all the truth they need but, due to their flagrant lack of receptivity, have landed in a state of unrewarding and complacent standstill.
Jesus, while in the flesh, never stopped asking questions—to his parents and teachers when he was a child and to his indwelling Father’s presence after realizing they could not come up with satisfying and logical answers to his intelligent inquiries. His indwelling Spirit of Truth urges you to do the same, promising you great results in your spiritual growth. Keep in mind that it never lies!