Wednesday, May 10, 2023

“The Creator Son, in the flesh, revealed God to men; the Spirit of Truth, in the heart, reveals the Creator Son to men. [. . .] When Jesus was on earth, he lived his life as one personality—Jesus of Nazareth. As the indwelling spirit of the “new teacher,” the Master has, since Pentecost, been able to live his life anew in the experience of every truth-taught believer.” [UB 194:3.1]

The day of Pentecost marked the onset of a divine intervention of great magnitude. Humankind was blessed with the threefold bestowal of the indwelling presence of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And it is still ongoing. They bring back into their loving fold their scattered flock in great need of their shepherdship.

Can you grasp the positive impact that such precious individual gifts can have on your life? Have you gratefully acknowledged by letting them work their magic within you? “[The term] “baptism of the spirit,” which came into such general use about this time, merely signified the conscious reception of this gift of the Spirit of Truth and the personal acknowledgment of this new spiritual power as an augmentation of all spiritual influences previously experienced by God-knowing souls.” [UB, 194:2.10]

The Father will never infringe on your free will prerogative but one thing has been made crystal clear by Jesus whose spirit now indwells you as the Spirit of Truth: “Ask and you shall receive.”