Oregon, USA
Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Thought Adjuster: “It is primordial for anyone wishing to step up their connection with their divine Indweller to, after articulating their intention to do so, ready themselves for such a special encounter. If you were to attend a royal wedding and showed up wearing yesterday’s casual attire, you would most certainly be turned away at the door and deprive yourselves of the privilege to mingle among the nobility.

What I am hinting at is that to benefit the most out of our together time, you need to condition your entire being by raising your vibrations so that they are the best possible match to Mine. Just as you carefully groom yourself before attending a special event to demonstrate respect to the host, you prepare for your daily audience with Me by wearing your Sunday’s best spiritual attire. You clear and cleanse your mind from any distracting interferences so that you can more easily pick up on My subliminal input.

You also come to Me with an open heart, ready to receive My love in its plenitude. You then reenter your day recharged, uplifted, and eager to set the right course of action since you started it under the best auspices.”