Oregon, USA
Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Thought Adjuster: “Your divine Progenitor is a pedagogue by excellence. Adequate parenting involves introducing youngsters to the ethics of moral behavior while fostering their independence in thinking, feeling, and doing. Good parents cannot use a cookie-cutter type of curriculum due to the unique personality makeup of each one of their offspring. They impart knowledge and wisdom on a need-to-know and need-to-grow basis that varies according to their developmental stage, sex, personality endowments, and handicaps.  

Age should not be the only criterion in child-rearing, as a human being is foremost a spiritual being. Some children’s precocious wisdom makes them stand out as old souls.

Education does not stop when a child reaches adulthood. Due to the evolutionary nature of human beings, it is forever ongoing. Due to the infinity of the creation and the eternity of time, you cannot fathom the scope of your academic education—which becomes more holographic as you progress and additional senses are activated, expanding the field of your cosmic activities and interpersonal relations.

What do you NEED to know at this very moment of your life? What do you NEED to grow in your abilities to express truth, beauty, and goodness? Answers to such pointed questions will exert a liberating effect on your self-expression, infusing your life with meanings and values—making you valuable.

Take time to sit in the Stillness to ask Me, your indwelling divine Fragment, for guidance in that process. I am the One in the know of all your needs. I am the One who carefully monitors your growth. I shall provide the answers you NEED to expand your understanding and foster your overall maturation. How blessed you are! How loved you are!”