Oregon, USA
Friday, July 30, 2021

Thought Adjuster:

“Easy does it! My still small Voice speaks to you in the eternal now. What does it whisper? It is never rushed, as it has all the time in the cosmos and beyond. It is why your attentive listening exerts a soothing effect on your entire persona—especially your nervous system.

Like a fine-tuned metronome, I pace the output of My words to regulate your tempo. The rhythm of your breathing sets the tone for the rate of your heartbeat, your mental and emotional clarity, your physical health, and, last but not least, your connection with Spirit.

There is no greater benefit to your overall wellbeing than to practice stillness regularly, as your operative systems are constantly bombarded by disharmonious pitches and toxic aggressors. By entering the Stillness daily and on a need-to-do-so basis, you dispose of a powerfully effective resource to revert to the true normal—the divine standards set for your optimal functioning.

It may take a while to quiet your unruly mind. Sadly, many give up on their first attempt, advancing this rookie setback as a poor excuse to give up. In fact, this obstacle to their inner peace demonstrates their acute need to tame their mind.  Giving up prematurely prevents them from harvesting the sublime rewards on standby in their inner and soundproof sanctuary.

My advice to each one of you is to set a resolute intention to persevere and succeed. The exhilarated testimonies of those who broke through this sound barrier should be enough to whet your spiritual appetites. Practice in small increments until you have developed better spiritual aerobics. Do not drop out, as the purpose of your life is to pop in with Spirit and get acquainted with your stunning spiritual side.”