Oregon, USA
Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Thought Adjuster: “Because it is your most valuable possession, protect your peace of mind at all costs. Practice what we could coin as defensive spiritual driving.

An alert driver anticipates potential hurdles and adjusts his driving style to the ambient weather and traffic patterns to safely reach his destination. Mentally emulate such judicious behavior as you navigate the twists and turns of your life itinerary.

When you ponder the practical lessons contained in the exemplary life of your Master Jesus, you immediately recognize that his great strength resided in his much-honed skills to remain in control of his thoughts, emotions, and actions. It is how he earned his stripes as Prince of Peace.

You too can earn such an honorific title through focused practice. You certainly will not lack opportunities to improve your emotional self-mastery. Articulate such a noble intention each morning and it will set your daily course.

The fact that you are on guard will make you respond differently to what used to set you off. Whenever you feel about to be triggered, affirm to yourself: “My peace is my most valued possession. I will not trade it for anything.” Trust Me, it will work wonders. Peace will keep the upper hand. As a bonus, you will grow in self-respect since you maintained the poise of a true follower of Christ.”