Oregon, USA
Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thought Adjuster: “Self-restraint is the master key—and was the Master’s key—toward a positive approach to conflicts. Operating from such a state of heightened consciousness, Jesus succeeded in disabling a vast range of toxic emotional triggers. He was a detached observer—not a participant. His refusal to get emotionally entangled put a significant damper on others’ lack of self-control, as he wisely refused to fuel their emotional wildfires.

His noble self-control was in stark contrast with the low-grade behaviors of his detractors. He deflected their hostilities by not taking them ‘personally,’ but as a reflection of his tormentors’ spiritual immaturity—one stroke for him. His highly evolved personality felt compassion for their symptomatic emotional short-sightedness sustained by unrealistic expectations.

Have you ever experienced the sublime peace felt when you remain unruffled amid cruel assaults against your character? Why should the figment of others’ overactive imagination bother you? By staying grounded in your inner peace, you will claim the grand prize that qualifies you as a peace activist. The peace that passes all understanding—or misunderstanding—will flood your being and radiate from it. You will become a peace commanding and respect instilling presence.

Many are those who justify violent retaliation, pleading the attenuating circumstances of injustice and abuse—weak excuses, as wrongs cannot right wrongs. Jesus warded off hostile emotional takeovers by asserting his inner sovereignty and protecting it at all costs. It is how he inaugurated his inner divine kingdom and maintained emotional integrity—continually operating within the sublime safety parameters of the Golden Rule that encompass love, empathy, and compassion.”