Oregon, USA
Wednesday, July 19, 2023

“Universe progress is characterized by increasing personality freedom because it is associated with the progressive attainment of higher and higher levels of self-understanding and consequent voluntary self-restraint. The attainment of perfection of spiritual self-restraint equals completeness of universe freedom and personal liberty.” [UB, 132:3.10]

Thought Adjuster: “In the above statement, Jesus addressed the very misunderstood concepts of personality freedom and personal liberty. It provides much food for thought as it goes against the grain of Lucifer’s brazen proclamations.

“In the Lucifer rebellion in Satania very few of the justice guides were lost, but more than one quarter of the other administrator seraphim and of the lower orders of seraphic ministers were misled and deluded by the sophistries of unbridled personal liberty.” [UB, 39:4.6]

Jesus’s stance on personal liberty stands at the Antipode of the Luciferian manifesto. Looking at the situation in your world, after Lucifer’s rebellious enticements have been tried and tested for many dark ages, it is undeniable to any objective observers that such propaganda was misleading. Its implementation, far from yielding a state of global happiness, brought chaos in its wake. It encouraged a multitude of self-centered and ill-motivated ‘me’ to act ruthlessly in their misguided self-assertion process.

Jesus proclaimed spiritual self-restraint as the gateway to universal freedom and self-liberty. The Father steers his erring children to the kingdom of the hearts through the practical implementation of the all-inclusive golden rule fostering the collective highest good.

Far from being lawless, the Father’s creation is finely tuned law and order, birthed in love and light. It is only by abiding by such divine legislation of the heart that you will reach a blissful state of inner harmony, successfully taming the inner ‘out-law’ who disturbs your inner peace.

Ironically, unbridled personal liberties foster addictive personalities and behaviors that hold you in bondage. Those determined to overcome them endure painful temporary symptoms of withdrawal. They keep track of the length of their sobriety with a newfound sense of self-respect and rightful pride.

Your indwelling inner Spark is always available to shine Its light toward the jubilee of your liberation and the fireworks of your joint Self-expression.”