Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Thought Adjuster: “Love is energy in motion—an irresistible transformative and transmuting force. Its rich substance is, for the most part, experienced in small measures and sporadically by human souls.

Jesus, a divine Son, demonstrated how to bring the seed of love to full bloom—blessing all in its selfless expression and leaving no one out of its universal embrace. Once you recognize that the light and love of the Father are accessible from within, you have a direct pathway to love. Your divine Indweller is your divine Lover—never indifferent, always present-hearted, and with a vested interest in the steady expansion of your heart and soul.

Much has been written, said, sung, and signed about love--never to be a substitute for the unspeakable blissful state that causes one to fall head over heels in everlasting love.

My foremost desire is to initiate you to the fullness of multi-faceted love. You have been conceived in love and for love. Your love-ability will develop over time and eventually bring forth its precious offspring.

A life devoid of love misses its pre-ordained mark. The entire creation is interconnected and responds in kind love impulses that trigger an irrepressible urge for reciprocation. By its free-spirited nature, love cannot be held captive. It has to have unrestricted freedom of movement to thrive.”