Oregon, US of A
Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christ Michael: “Dear child, I am you brother/father Jesus.  As you are calling upon me, here I am, happy to respond to such a heartfelt invitation.  Whoever sees Me, sees the Father.  These are no empty words.  I am a representative of my Father, His Ambassador of Love and Light.  I love each one of my children with the same quality of selfless love that the Father is emitting from Paradise.  Love is truly the life force of the universes.  Love is truly what creates them.  Each creature has been created with its highest good in the creative mind.  How amazing is that?  Isn’t it comforting to know that everything is in divine right order?


“As the Father is in control from His abode in Paradise, so is the Son from the center of His local universe.  Love reigns supreme, but it has to coexist with the God-given free will of the mortal creatures — and other creatures.  This is why the creatures have to volunteer, have to declare their desire to be enrolled in the process of bringing Urantia back to the fold of Nebadon.


“Love respects each individual’s free will. Each individual needs to act out of love in order for his/her actions to be meaningful and have some weight in the eternal scheme of things.  Anything which is not love-infused falls flat on its face and is hollow and shallow.


“Keep focusing on the expression of love in your daily life and by so doing, you will be unfailingly connected with the Source of all Love and with the true cosmic reality.  Love is the connective tissue, love is the life force and so much more.  As your heart expands more and more, you start experiencing the substance of my words.  A loving heart is a grateful heart as love provides the lover with a positive vision of his/her environment, of his/her siblings.


“I love you, dear child.  I am touched by the expression of your love toward me.  I, too, am love-starved in some ways and I long for the manifestation of all the potential love connections with my still slumbering children.  They live love-deprived lives, while love is so abundant and accessible to all. Love needs to circulate.  It is never static.”