Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Christ Michael:  “Dear child, this is Christ Michael.  You have called me and I joyfully respond to your heartfelt invitation.  Each one of my children is so precious to me.  I do know each life script; I do know of each personal challenges and evolution.  As a loving Father, together with your Mother Nebadonia, we do keep a close eye and an open ear to what is going on in the nursery of time.  You are all our little ones as your life on Earth is so short lived and yet foundational for your continued existence. 


“I did walk in your shoes--in the shoes of humanity.  I focused on Love during my physical incarnation, and on Service.  Love and Service out of love-- not out of duty, is the scaffolding taking you to the next level, and to the next one.  They are your very effective tools to ascension.


“Dear daughter, I am not far away.  All my children are closely and snugly held in my heart and Mother’s.  We are collaborating in our parenting.  We are guiding our children of time based on who we are and based on our common vision for their life development.

“I have not personally experienced each and every human case scenario as it would take life times to do so instead of the short 33 years I spent on the planet as a human being.  Yet, I met many people and listened to many life stories – and I still do.  Whenever one of my children calls me to share with me what they are going through, to ask for my guidance, I am here, responding and providing the tidbits which are required to help my beloved children move on, pick themselves up by their bootstraps and keep marching on. 


“I do know of your extreme challenges on this planet.  I am well aware that you have to deal with the consequences of the behaviors of past generations.  This is why your own behavior matters so much.  Decisions have to be made for all the generations-- especially for the ones to come-- so that they can have it easier and truly contribute to guiding the whole planet into Light, Life and Love. 


“Light, Life and Love.  This says it all.  This is the divine Mantra which should be repeated by each human being in order to be engraved in their consciousness.  This truly is the secret code to the doors of Heaven.  This is the triple offering of the children of time and all the creatures who are ascending.  This is the secret handshake between our undercover artisans.  Keep carrying my peace into your heart as it will help you make informed decisions from a place where anxiety and fear are absent, thus not distorting your perception.  From my perception, all is well and all is progress.”