Oregon, US of A
Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christ Michael:  “ Dear child, you have been coming to us daily for many years now and do not doubt that it makes and has made a difference, not only in your life but also in ours.  This intimate morning time means a lot to Mother and I as you have demonstrated that your expressed longing to get to know us is truly genuine and that you are willing to put the effort without knowing when and which type of outcome will take place. 

“Yes dear one, each relationship has to be nurtured.  It does take devotion to be a true friend, not only a passing whim.  A friendship is a mutual commitment, a promise of being there for one another – to share happy moments and joy, and to support one another in trying situations and sadness.  A friend is most precious when he/she is present when things are not going well as the friendship is truly shining its light in the dark moments of life. 

“As your loving parents, we always are here for you, supporting you when life is rocky, helping you to stay grounded when it seems that you are losing your bearings.

“As Jesus of Nazareth, I did navigate many challenging situations: economic challenges, grief, betrayal… and grief over betrayal.  Each one of these challenges expanded my heart as I did not allow negative emotions to sneak into it.  Instead, I trusted in the Father and His eternal love.  I trusted that there was a higher purpose behind all my life tests, that there always is a way to grow through them, instead of allowing them to disable my divine essence.  This is how I acquired wisdom, by learning to navigate these difficult times without losing my higher perspective.

“Blessings do come in many shapes and forms.  It could be the smile of a stranger when your heart is aching.  It could be a generous gesture when you are in need.  It could be a kind word to lift your spirit when it is too crushed to perceive any light of hope.  Your life can bring many blessings to others:  Smile, give through your presence, your words, and your service.  This is how God multiplies His gifts – by the selfless act of sharing. 

“The whole creation has been intended for the highest good of all the beings it encompasses, through mutual service.  Keep asking within your heart;keep listening and stay aware through your daily activities as the Father’s voice may speak to you without any forewarning.  Life is not a game of Hide and Seek, but rather of Seek and Find.