Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “One of the major impediments in bringing your world—and your being—into its promised era of light and life—has been the censorship of truth that robbed it of its positive and empowering applications into your reality.  

The massive legacy of lies and deception stemming from the Lucifer rebellion has exerted a catastrophic ripple-effect in many hot spots of your universe. In his delusion of grandeur, Lucifer had to spin a complex web of self-serving lies. The root-lie in his godless manifesto was the premeditated ‘assassination’ of the divine character—Lucifer boldly denied the existence of the First Source and Center—the benevolent Creator and Commander-in-Chief.    

Defamation of character? Outright lies? Do you see a pattern? Those are still the weapons of predilection of misguided souls, who have no qualms about elevating themselves above others. Such usurpation of power is an abomination to the Divine; it is a brazen infringement on the inalienable human free will prerogative.

As long as lies are not ‘belied’ by the facts—the preponderance of the evidence—humankind will suffer a significant handicap. Lies cannot yield peace, as they are debatable and self-contradicting.  

Did Lucifer succeed in brainwashing you with derogative lies that you repeat to yourself in hostile self-talks such as “I don’t amount to much; I am such a loser; I am unlovable; . . .” Such disempowering affirmations echo the demeaning lies circulated by Lucifer in his takeover while convincing himself of the opposite: “I deserve the adulation of my peers; I am best qualified to rule this universe; I am great; . . .”—the delusional statements of a wannabe dictator.

Your most ardent prayer should be in support of the truth—and the whole truth. The shadows projected by lies need to be lifted by the universal light of truth. Light is shadowless.  

Your priority should be to remove the lies, misconceptions, and selfish demeanors that dim your inner light.  “Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. [Matthew 5:15]

The truth will extirpate you from the dangerous quicksand of unreality and put an end to your identity crisis. You can extend the outreach of your truth inquiry, as you have access to the leadings of the Spirit of Truth and your Thought Adjuster—impeccable truth advocates.

Lies will not succeed in wiping truth off the face of the Earth. Truth is factual—the foundation of all-that-is. Lies are delusional and devoid of actual substance. They may prompt ill-advised actions, but their backslash reveals them for the con artists they are.  

Ask to be guided in truth, beauty, and goodness. Become a truth- advocate, refusing to take rumors at face value. They are at the origin of the planetary dysfunction and will keep it going until they are debunked. They relish making fools out of you, as it serves their iniquitous agenda.”