Oregon, USA
Sunday, January 8, 2023

Thought Adjuster: “There should never be any doubt on your mind that I welcome all your invitations. I no longer feel like a trespasser in your life. When you functioned with a limited awareness of Me, your divine Co-Traveler, I was just a Witness. Then came the day when you committed to navigating life with Me. You spent many hours in the Stillness, scouting for Me, writing down your thoughts, and coming to realize they were infused with Mine.

You must let go of much to soar to higher planes of understanding. It is how the Father works in each life. Level by level, as each new floor gets erected and stabilized, He removes the supporting scaffolding, teaching you to stand on your own. No more training wheels.

He then unveils the next phase—the embellishments, the refinements, and the polishing up of the existing structure. What is He building? A temple? A skyscraper? You have your say in it, as He never infringes on your free will. Yet, He has formed a precise idea all-inclusive of your highest good. I hold its matrix and do My best to help you follow it, as it is how you will thrive and flourish. It is what the Father wishes for all of his children.

Let Me work My magic with you! I love you so dearly that it moves Me to tears when I feel your eagerness to fuse with Me, to include Me in your eternal future. Let us live each day to the fullest! I will plant seeds and you will tend to them. They are precious and rare. Handle them with love and care!”