Oregon, USA
Monday, June 20, 2022

“Of God, the most inescapable of all presences, the most real of all facts, the most living of all truths, the most loving of all friends, and the most divine of all values, we have the right to be the most certain of all universe experiences.” [UB, 102:7.10]

Thought Adjusster: “Many human minds have not yet acknowledged their indwelling divine Fragment and campaign to disprove the ‘most real of all facts’—the First Source and Center of All-That-Is from which I hailed.

Let us reverse roles. Let me be the one challenging their atheistic disbelief system by asking them to come up with logical answers to My thought-provoking inquiries.

Here I go: Where does the life-sustaining energy come from? Haven't your scientists established that there is no cause without effect and no effect without a cause? If the material creation was accidental, how do you explain that everything is interactive and co-dependent?

What set off the Big Bang? How could a collision of such magnitude be constructive instead of devastating? Even the ‘chaos theorists’ recognize that ‘the universe abounds in happy accidents and surprises, and that order is slowly emerging out of chaos?

“The perfected grand universe of those future days will be vastly different from what it is at present. Gone will be the thrilling adventures of the organization of the galaxies of space, the planting of life on the uncertain worlds of time, and the evolving of harmony out of chaos, beauty out of potentials, truth out of meanings, and goodness out of values.” [UB, 117:7.17]

How could so much intrinsic beauty manifest itself through random events? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to infer there is an intelligent orchestration of synchronicities and synchronizations? If human beings are ‘accidental tourists,’ why do they all long for everlasting happiness--a blissful state obtained by communing in love, peace, and harmony?

Where do emotions come from? Why do these non-material impulses of energy-in-motion exert such an influence on your decisions? What ‘motivates’ your actions if All-That-Came-to-Be is devoid of underlying intention?

Aren’t you wonders of unsurpassed engineering? Your eyebrows prevent perspiration or raindrops from blurring your vision. Your tears lubricate your eyes. Your downward-facing nostrils prevent raindrops from entering them and causing havoc on your respiratory system. Your limbs perform a vast array of mechanical functions. Your fingerprints and your personality are unique.

Why does each botanical species emit its designer fragrances? Why does Mother nature color-code its essential nutrients? Why do the plumages of birds of one feather come in various stunning color arrangements? Why does each flock sing to a different tune?

Are your finely tuned sensors random endowments? How do you explain such intelligent coincidences? Could all of this have occurred at the wrong place and wrong time?

I am waiting with bated breath and an open mind for your rebuttal. You can try to prove Me wrong, but I know for Myself that I am not a figment of imagination gone wild. I am a Fragment of The One some choose to ostracize from their life. No matter which conclusion you reach, I cannot vanish into nothingness, as I am part of All-That-Is—here to serve your highest good if only you would let Me. As a matter of fact, I hold the answer to all these questions.