Oregon, US of A
Friday, October 25, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “As you put your mind in neutral to receive the leadings from Spirit, you feel like a spectator in a play about to start, patiently waiting for the curtain to be raised, thus revealing the set and the actors. With similar expectations, you are anticipating the solicited thought-exchange that will enter your receptive mind.

“There is an element of suspense to the whole process. How will it occur? At times, we like to stick to the framework of the spiritual curriculum We—the Faculty of your Teachers—have prepared to meet the spiritual needs of those who ‘seek.’ At other times, we conduct some Questions and Answers sessions, as we have picked up on some reoccurring topics of interest in the minds of the readership of these transmissions.

“Indeed, as part of the human race, all of you are dealing with common areas in need of deeper understanding. Your desire to ‘educate’ yourself in spiritual matters is laudable, as ignorance is like the leprosy of the mind. It prevents you from making ‘enlightened’ decisions and is, therefore, a heavy handicap.

“The Father has eventuated various orders of ‘intelligent’ creatures. Sadly, Lucifer, to ‘numb down’ humankind, started circulating untruth that ‘sounded really good’ to those He campaigned to. He had an agenda that appealed to the mental intelligence, conveniently leaving out the ‘intelligence of the heart.’ This omission was tragic. It led many to blindly follow their self-elevated leader, surrendering their independent thinking to this narcissistic power-grabber.

“Dear ones, at times, it is advisable to revolt against the yoke of dictatorships who do not promote the overall highest good. It is tragic whenever good-intended souls are manipulated into making wrong decisions with harmful implications. Lucifer sweet-talked various orders of intelligent creatures to rally his cause, thus disrupting the divine right order. He even had the gall to affirm that the word ‘divine’ was a figment of the imagination and that he was a saving influence, who had come to set the record straight. Just as a kidnapper deprives his prey of any means of connecting with loved ones, Lucifer severed one by one all the family ties to the loving Divine Chain of Command.

“Eons later, the time has come for these connections to be re-established. A Reflectivity Circuit has been installed that allows you to receive new spiritual revelations on an ongoing basis, thus disclosing the Truth that shall set you free from the Luciferian deceptive propaganda.”