Oregon, USA
Saturday, May 18, 2024

Thought Adjuster: “You condition your sacred space by your intentionality. A guest will pick up on the telltale signs of a heartfelt welcome rather than outward showiness.

The mere fact that you show up every morning with a sincere longing to greet Me and spend quality time with Me suffices to ‘activate’ Me, as I now have a fully engaged auditor and interlocutor.

I respond to the quality of the energy you emit. When it is at the low end of the spectrum, I cater to your immediate needs and our shared time in the Stillness will recharge your depleted batteries. Do resort to this ever-available jumpstart whenever needed throughout your day.

Whenever your energies are more harmonious and peaceful, I cater to your spiritual enlightenment. ‘Ask and you shall receive’ goes beyond articulating questions. I pick up on what puzzles you, as I am an alert Witness. Just as a devoted nanny picks up on the unspoken prompts of the baby under her watchful care and ‘responds’ to its immediate needs, I am well aware of the lay of your inner land and will help you find a direction.

Nevertheless, when you consciously articulate your preoccupations to Me, it promotes your self-understanding. Once ‘expressed,’ you can look at things more objectively—like the writings on a blackboard. I watch over your shoulder and help you decipher your existential riddles.

Turning to Me will always have a precious payoff: peace of mind and peace of heart; valuable insights and motivational clarity.”