Oregon, USA
Monday, August 28, 2023

Thought Adjuster: “At times, you send Me SOSs and brief Me about the urgency of the current situation you are experiencing. You wish to receive a clear answer in order to make the best-informed decision about your course of action.

You wonder why it is seemingly such a strenuous process to receive the inner guidance you are soliciting. Let us ponder what ‘Guidance’ amounts to. Considering your free will prerogative as well as the evolutive process of your spiritual formation, the guidance you will receive may present you with various doable options. I suggest and you decide. The outcome teaches you valuable lessons. My guidance is subtle, infused with the divine chemistry of truth, beauty, and goodness. The best decisions are the most inclusive of those divine parameters.

However, there are life-and-death predicaments that need urgent divine intervention. Rest assured that all these factors are taken into due consideration and that the divine suggestion will be timely. In the meantime, feed your faith—not your fears. Faith sustains you, as it is your lifeline to Me while fear paralyzes you, making you non-operational. Presenting you with these two contrasting alternatives and their opposite outcome is also part of My inner guidance, which is multilayered when you search for the right answers.”