Oregon, USA
Thursday, September 14, 2023

Thought Adjuster: “The easiest way for Me to teach you about worship is to refer to the shining example set by your Master Jesus while incarnated among you. Throughout his human life, he strived to reveal the truth, beauty, and goodness of the heavenly Father. Isn’t it the best form of authentic worship? His heart was wide open to put to highest use the leadings of his indwelling divine Presence. It is how he operated in a state of infinite gratitude, not only acknowledging the precious gifts of the Father to his entire creation but also using his unique endowments of wisdom and enlightenment as they were meant to be used—in a circle of grace and worship.

Worship is entirely directed at the Divine. It is when the small self fully surrenders to the Higher Self, expecting nothing in return while expressing heartfelt gratitude for his loving watch care and forethoughts.

Worship drives you down to your knees in overpowering awe, gratitude, and ardent humility, your head bowed at the feet of your ‘others-centered’ Maker. Yes, he is selfless in his selfhood. He shares himself with the myriads of his creatures, vesting them with admirable facets of his personality. He anonymously masterminds all-that-is, setting replicable patterns of perfection so that what he delegates to his creatures can be made fruitful and multiplied ad infinitum.

Worship is the conjoint act of your exalted mind, heart, and soul—not just at some pre-assigned time. Jesus constantly worshipped the Father as he was on an endless quest for truth, beauty, and goodness. His mission statement was to set the record straight about the Father’s nature, to direct the spotlight of his atention to the beauty and goodness of a God-centered life. Yes, godlikeness is a natural consequence of God-centeredness.”