Oregon, USA
Saturday, August 13, 2022

Thought Adjuster: “Whenever you express your desire to connect with Me on an ever-deepening level, you give Me increased freedom of movement and freedom of speech within you. It is what both of us are longing for. You have come to recognize the value of My input and the sense of well-being and wholeness it blesses you with. 

Indeed, as you wish to hook up with Me, our partnership becomes a reality in your inner and outer life—because your outer life reflects your inner life. Sounds simple? Don’t you wish you would have understood it earlier? The where and when do not matter to Me, as I live in the eternal here and now. I am fully immersed in each present moment and rejoice when you come and spend time with Me, as it is when I can optimally feed your mind, fuel your positive emotions, and cater to your soul growth. 

My freedom of movement depends on your free will decisions. Together, we can move mountains when you set Me free to work on manifesting the Father’s vision through you, with you, and out into the world, as nothing the Father does is self-serving. The larger the ripple effect, the more you contribute to the Great Plan.

My freedom of speech occurs right now in your receptive and docile mind. By not making objections, you do not interrupt the flow of My thoughts with the roadblocks of ‘buts.’ You let free course to the flow of My thoughts intent at enlightening your mind. I AM love; I AM light. It is what I do.”