Oregon, USA
Monday, March 11, 2024

Thought Adjuster: “Your free will prerogative is an essential endowment toward Godlikeness. How could you ever BE-come Godlike without freedom of choice? How could you ever co-create without freedom of expression?

Your divine Progenitor wishes that you operate as free spirits, bursting with creative enthusiasm and ingenuity. Creativity requires an infinite array of options to come up with something innovative and harmonious within itself and the whole cosmic works, to contribute to the collective upliftment and advancement. The cosmic atelier puts at your disposal a vast palette of raw materials: subtle hues, amazing scales of sounds, a huge diversity of fragrant textures, and so much more.

The Father never dictates. He merely suggests the enchanting ways of truth, beauty, and goodness, since he conceived you to be a motivated co-creative contributor.

Life presents many catalysts for unleashing the creative powers of your imagination. Your mind is the hardware that computes and coordinates the various implementation phases of your inspired designer projects.

The emergence of your godlikeness co-depends on the activation of your free will to ‘freely’ and joyfully choose the harmonious ways of the open heart. By setting the healthy mental patterns role-modeled by Jesus, you will evolve, as he did, into a shining trendsetter of the Father’s ways.”