Oregon, USA
Thursday, June 23, 2022

Thought Adjuster: “Peace and gratitude are feelings that carry over into your thinking—appeasing you and helping you look at the bright side of everything. When facing challenges, reason with yourself and come up with positive affirmations. Speak them out loud. The spoken words will enter your brain through your ears and instill you with their empowering frequencies.

Here again, your heart comes into play. Mean what you speak! Just as half-hearted petitions are devoid of the power of manifestation infused by faith, merely going through the motions of what should be an act of faith will not have enough momentum to bring about the wished-for outcome.

Meditate on peace, until you FEEL it. Pondering it does not suffice, as peace is a state of being you would like to come to embody, not a fleeting thought. How could you spread into the world what you do not possess?

Allow peace to infuse you—body, mind, and soul. Such is the quality of the peace that passes all understanding. This serene and blissful state automatically puts you in a mode of heartfelt gratitude that magnetically attracts more blessings into your life.”