Oregon, USA
Saturday, June 11, 2022

"Yes, I am a Dreamer—and I should not be the only one. Sadly, many of you have forgotten the manifestation powers of dreamy imagination. Instead, they weave into reality the dark threads of nightmares that rob them of peace of mind and heart.

            Dream with Me! Together we can materialize the stunning and enticing hues of our dream world! And it will keep getting better. We will become experts at translating them into reality. Isn’t it how truth, beauty, and goodness have found their way into your current plane of existence?

            Dreamers are the visionaries who instill life and light into a world plagued with disempowerment and peppered with dark spots. It is by going after our dreams for better days that they will come to pass!

            It only requires perseverance and dedicated practice. Everybody can get better at it. Jesus himself became a Master at envisioning the kingdom of the hearts—never deterred by the no-Sayers and the procrastinators. His contagious cheerful countenance enticed many kindred souls to join him in what appeared as a utopic vision to credulous bystanders.

            Let us synergize our dreams by enlisting the support of the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, the planetary Midwayers, and the celestial hosts! It will unleash an irrepressible force of positive change and we will make unprecedented forward strides toward dreams coming true. Dream on!"