Oregon, USA
Sunday, June 12, 2022

Thought Adjuster: “There is a multitude of meaningful topics of conversation for us to broach. They all pertain to the spiritual aspect of human life, as it is your life assignment to cater to it, using the available resources of your body, mind, and heart. It is how to grow a healthy soul. Let Me expand on this point.

Your body anchors you in this temporary plane of your human experience. It is subjected to the law of gravity. After discarding it, you will depart from this material planet to your next waystation of spiritual evolutionary growth.

Ideally, your harmoniously collaborating heart and mind will serve as your spiritual and emotional advisers. Your complex being is encoded with the seven core values by which all decisions should be made to be fully in alignment with the divine vision for all lives. To make it easier on you, I came to indwell your mind in a benevolent, compassionate, and loving way. As a divine Father Fragment, I am the Ambassador of his love and his peace. Love and peace operate in oneness. It cannot be otherwise.

Strive for such inner harmony—peace of mind and peace of heart. Such was the operative way of your Master Jesus. If the mind is restless, the heart is in turmoil—and vice versa.

Closely monitor these spiritual vital signs. Indeed, they sustain your spiritual life and make you a worthy candidate for eternal life."