Oregon, USA
Saturday, June 10, 2023

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, as you strive to hear My Voice, the thought entered your mind that the Father certainly did not wish that this process be an ordeal for his human children. Jesus understood its simplicity: “Ask and you shall receive!”

You have to initiate it by asking due to the sovereignty of your free will prerogative. Asking is a personal choice while receiving involves you and the Divine. Let us look at it from a different perspective. What stands in the way of receiving?

The first impediment is human incredulity; some of the contributors to that disbelief were handed down generationally by religious spokespersons who proclaimed themselves to be the middlemen to such subliminal communications  A legitimate observation is how little many of them have contributed to global spiritual enlightenment and world peace.

On the other hand, one man, Jesus of Nazareth, single-handedly demonstrated during his short lifespan the reality of human/divine communion. He asked and he received, thus truthfully bearing witness: “The Father is in me and I am in the Father.” Such a bond was REAL—both to his heavenly Counterpart and himself.

Therefore, your unwavering faith in your divine Indweller is a prerequisite to this process. It is the expression of such a can-do spirit that will make you succeed. As well, because you are longing to have a personal relationship with Spirit, you have to make it personal: It is that it is between you and Him—no middlemen. How else could you experience the Father’s love toward YOU? Even if you have trouble hearing his still small Voice at this stage of your spiritual experience, by regularly sitting in the Stillness, be ensured that you will receive his ever-flowing love, as it is an integral part of His message to you—the divine flow of energy that does not need words for its expression. It is REAL and EXPERIENTIAL as long as you devote time to it.

Keep in mind that the Father may catch you off guard. It may be when you least expect it that His message will hit you lightninglike. The answer to your questions will be forthcoming in divine right timing so that there is no possible way for you to miss these joyful and enlightening ah-ha moments.

To “sleep on it” is pertinent advice, as it is a relaxed state when your mind disconnects from its worldly preoccupations—a great opportunity for Spirit to step in and plant its inspirational seeds. Again, remember that patience and trust are prerequisites to your forward spiritual evolution.

To sum it up: Choose to ask, trust in the process, and remain proactive."