Oregon, USA
Thursday, October 7, 2021

“The cycles of space respiration extend in each phase for a little more than one billion Urantia [Earth] years. During one phase the universes expand; during the next they contract. [. . .] It thus requires a little over two billion Urantia years to complete the entire expansion-contraction cycle.” [UB, 11:6.4-5]

Message received by Anyas 

Thought Adjuster: “As a macro-organism, the vast cosmos has its own breathing mechanism. A single one of its rhythmic inhalations and exhalations spans over ages if assessed in earthly time currencies.  Their tidal movement has its source in the Father in Paradise—the Giver of the first breath ever, and all after that. 

There are myriads of wonders encoded in the outgoing divine breath!  It is the activator of all creative and co-creative initiatives.  Love rides on its ‘God Stream,’ profusely pollinating its all-encompassing trajectory with countless nanoparticles of truth, beauty, and goodness.  It is how the Father outpours his harmonious divine essence through the friendly Trade Winds of His ever-fresh breath.

It is how He passes the relay baton of life—a magic wand of sorts that ‘animates’ the newborns as they emerge from the salty water world of their incubational chamber.  This first tender expression of divine love sends them on their maiden voyage. It imparts the blessings of the actual Godfather leaning over the cradle of His children of the promise.

One breath at a time, He invigorates you for the duration of your planetary sojourn. When your next due date arrives, you will exit this world riding on the coattail of your last breath to be air born toward your next experiential destination. And on and on it goes.

The free-flowing Breath of Life—your Life Provider—is way too precious to be treated offhandedly. Without it, you would instantly disintegrate into nothingness.  With it, you are anointed as an active player in a multiverse bustling with life.”