Oregon, USA
Saturday, March 30, 2024

“Knowledge is possessed only by sharing; it is safeguarded by wisdom and socialized by love.” [UB, 48:7.28]

Thought Adjuster: “In its broader sense, the act of breaking bread goes beyond partaking in a meal for physical sustenance. It also pertains to sharing mental, emotional, and spiritual resources.

The physical body instinctively longs for essential nutrients—air, water, vitamins, and minerals. Likewise, the other constitutive layers of your being have specific needs.  For example, laughter relaxes you emotionally and the reception of TLC works wonders on your mood and spiritual countenance.

When you feel upbeat, you experience the natural urge to tell others about your joy. When your inquiries are answered at the deepest level of your soul, you wish to share these epiphanies with other hungry souls in the same fashion as Jesus ‘fed his flock’. To this day, the spiritual manna he shared still feeds multitudes due to the adaptability and versatility of Jesus’ Spirit of truth and its self-renewed freshness date.

Jesus shared the depth of his human experience. He had a cheerful personality, was a profound and focused inquirer, and a wise giver. It should come as no surprise that he instituted the sacrament of communion. Everything stemming from a God-loving heart is sanctified and meant to be shared, as the Father is all about giving.

When Jesus said “Feed my sheep!,” he asked his followers to take on his sacred mission statement. Wisdom and knowledge, when shared, can also feed a multitude for their highest good. It only takes a spark to get a fire going. Be that spark!”