Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, June 3, 2020

“True goodness is like water in that it blesses everything and harms nothing.”  [UB 131:8:3]

Thought Adjuster: “It is difficult for human creatures to assess themselves objectively.  They operate on a faulty database but do not refrain from harshly criticizing others while being overly lenient in their self-evaluation, advancing a myriad of excuses to make light of inexcusable behaviors.                                                                  

The self-appointed vigilantes, who proclaim the unrighteous principle that the end justifies the means, add to the mayhem. Hate and anger are chronic victimizers.  How could they ever heal your world from the cruel blows they inflict upon it first-hand?  As the lyrics go: "All it needs is love," and you can be one of its irrigation canals, glorified from On High.

Connect to the source of goodness that runs deep within your soul!  Let it wash away all hard feelings, giving way to the well-advised prompts of love, empathy, and compassion.  Turn within to ponder how you can effectively put out the many points of origin of these out-of-control emotional blazes.

One should not make impulsive decisions from a place of emotional distress.  Anger, fear, and the desire to get even are biased advisers. Jesus set a shining precedent for all freedom fighters.  He bravely stood up against discrimination, asserting Himself as the champion of the oppressed.   He ended up as the innocent casualty of a system rigged against Him by hate-driven, self-promoting agendas. Yet, never did He voice any threats toward His tormentors.  Instead, He cautioned them about the severe toll iniquity would take on their chances of soul survival. He selflessly interceded for them, claiming their ignorance as an extenuating circumstance—still finding it in His heart to love them unconditionally and to wish them the best—never the worst. Yes, His goodness was like water, blessing everything and harming nothing.”