Oregon, US of A
Monday, January 19, 2015

Teacher: “Dear one, words are only expressions of heartfelt emotions.  They are messengers bringing to the outside what is going on the inside.  Words can be devoid of their emotional content if they only flow from the mind.  Yet, everything which has ever been created by the Father is infused with love.  The spoken Word of God was Love and creation occurred on the basis of this Love.  Any creation should be empowered and animated by and with Love.  This is the secret to a meaningful co-creation.  The Father only creates with loving intentions.  It is His Signature, His Heart print.


“Stop to consider your own heart imprint.  Is it uplifting to others or is it a downer?  It is so important to become aware of the effect you are having on your surroundings.  You always have the option to refrain from sending out words which are devoid of love.


“Stop and scrutinize the content of what you are expressing.  Each word can be coated with a particular emotion.  Some words, coated in positive emotions, bring light to others.  Other words, coated with envy, jealousy and pettiness are like throwing darts or stones at others, truly raining on their parade.


“Become a powerful speaker, as words, divinely inspired words, have much power.  Cultivate your vocabulary, cultivate your emotions and ensure that each word leaving your mouth has been rolled in beautiful emotions.  These types of words unfailingly touch other hearts and stir in them powerful longings.


 “Become a divine mouthpiece, an undefiled mouthpiece.  Keep this in mind, dear one, as you are getting ready for this new day.  Our love is with you and we do mean these words.”