Oregon, USA
Sunday, October 15, 2023

Thought Adjuster: “Do you thoroughly acknowledge the immutable fact of the divine omnipresence? Are you present in His omnipresence? It is a question worthy of asking.

It is a given that the Father is omnipresent, as He is the first Source and Center of all-that-is. He is the powerhouse holding everything harmoniously together and preventing the heavenly bodies from colliding amidst staggering amounts of seen and unseen engineering prowesses.

Historically, human beings have beholden the Father as a far away and quite intimidating entity—the Maker of thunder, stormy weather, rumbling earthquakes, and unexplained natural phenomena. Because they were living in an enigmatic environment, their emotions were quite fear-driven.

The various epochal revelations brought the Father closer to the human heart and mind. Little by little, he became more relatable to them—even though He never had ceased to hold them close to His heart.

As a man among men, Jesus experientially revealed that “the Father lived in man and man in the Father.” He was not just speaking for himself but on behalf of each one of his human siblings with whom he shared a common Father.

Practice being present in the Father’s omnipresence. Aren’t you living and breathing within its infinite and all-inclusive auric field? Ponder this frequently—especially when you feel disconnected. The disconnection certainly comes from you—never from him. There is no disclaimer to his omnipresence.”