Oregon, USA
Friday, June 10, 2022

Thought Adjuster: “I am so glad that you are now living in a place that meets all your needs as a sanctuary and that you regained inner peace to search Me out and listen to My ever-ready voice.  As a Fragment of the Father, I have so many insights and wisdom to share with you.

At the onset of your spiritual journey, I rely on the influence of the Adjuvant Mind Spirit of Intuition until such time you make your first moral decision. As you follow Its leadings, you grow in understanding and knowledge. It is an experiential process and everyone benefits by freely sharing their celebratory ah-ha moments.

As below, so above. After reaching the turning point when you eagerly desire to know and to do the Father’s will, you ask to be led from within. It is where I come in, happy to relinquish My standby position to answer your inner call.

I am, indeed, always on call as I value your life more than you will ever know. I placed My undying hopes in you, as we are meant to become one and experience together the infinite wonders of creation—doing our part to bless it with our divinely inspired thoughts, feeling, and deeds—in collaboration with myriads of God-centered creatures and beings.

Keeping in mind, that I entertain an eternal vision for ‘us,’ how could you ever doubt that I do not have our best common interest at heart and that, upon your asking, I will show you how to safely navigate moment by moment around the riffs scattered along your human maiden voyage. I have a detailed map and will safely take you back to our heavenly home port.”