For how long was I asleep? Hard to say.

I was in a spiritual coma, in the dark night of my soul.

When I emerged from the depth of my oblivion,

I found that Denial had been my steady bed companion.


“Anorexia” was the first word coming to mind.

It struck me like lightning and chased away my sleepy friend.

I summoned all of my courage and took a good look at myself

In the full-body mirror, that reflected my Self-image.


What I saw was not pleasant, and it made me quite frantic.

I was the shadow of my Self, like the ghost in my attic.

Yes, I had starved my higher Self for so long

That it had lost its appetite and its appeal:

It was frail, feather-light, in dire need of TLC.


Dear God, what have I done to myself?

I thought I had it all:

A bank account, food in the fridge,

A picket fence, a fancy car,

And each Thursday I played the bridge…

And yet, I felt hollow, and this caused me great sorrow.


Distracted by life’s pleasures, I had neglected what mattered most.

My outer shell was well preserved, and my face was wrinkleless,

Yet my soul was anorexic, and this was quite pathetic.


I gathered some data about spiritual nutrition:

I broke my fast with a hearty bowl of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

I signed up for Tai Chi and practiced Stillness daily.

I abandoned my comfort zone and learned to flex my soul's muscles.


Whenever life challenges weighed heavily on me,

I stepped up my regimen and increased my calories.

I persevered, I stayed with it. My soul gained weight,

It had a shape!


I finally got to the point where I dared take a selfie.

And compared it with a 'Before' snapshot taken of me

At the onset of my enrollment in this spiritual boot camp.


The transformation was noticeable! I was pleased with the result:

A well-toned soul in harmony with its carnal envelope,

Exuding some vibrancy unknown to me previously.

I had acquired an appetite for ethnic foods of all types:

Indian, oriental, Italian… they were tasty, I tried them all

And developed a rich palate and a taste for so much more…


Anyas Spencer, Medford, Oregon, November 30, 2014

Sun, 11/30/2014