Oregon, USA
Thursday, November 4, 2021


Christ Michael/Jesus: “Even though I reside light-years away from you, I made arrangements with my Queen Consort to always be within earshot of our Children by giving them unrestricted access to her Holy Spirit and my Spirit of Truth. 

Because this significant aspect of our open-door policy remains a mystery to most, they do not regularly engage us to get feedback on their legitimate questions or concerns—the same ones I voiced and investigated while partaking in the human condition. 

What did motivate me to take the forms of the seven created orders of Our universe? I wished to provide them with a winning ticket to God-victoriously navigate life’s challenges. I role-modeled how to make the best of life’s twists and turns and get to better know their Maker when beholding my visible form and exemplary lifestyle.

Mother Spirit is well-versed in the complex thinking apparatus of the creatures under our care. Our harmonious partnership strives to elevate your thinking to help you transcend your belligerent animal propensities and contribute to the kingdom of the hearts I proclaimed while on Earth.

All it takes is a CHANGE OF HEART. Instead of chronically complaining about life's downturns, and venting your frustrations in an already toxic environment, learn to express gratitude for the upturns. Remain on the outlook for truth, beauty, and goodness.

How could I have lifted your spirits if I had been a hopeless complainer? I would not have qualified as the poster boy for the ‘good news.’ It was my sunny disposition that made me a credible herald of peace and goodwill among men. I admonish you to distance yourself from the doomsayers, the gossipers, and the backstabbers. Their ulterior motives are sensationalism and disempowering emotional manipulation.

Toxic news jeopardizes your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.  Why subscribe to it when you could select Spirit as a reliable, progressive, and enlightening Informant? Put it to the test and see how it improves your take on life.”