Oregon, US of A
Saturday, September 16, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “As you are about to join in a group meditation for World Peace, the thought entered your mind that the Father instituted ‘Universal Suffrage.’  Yet, viewed from that higher perspective, this term takes quite a different connotation.  Let’s look at it for a moment.

Contrary to some of the planetary cultures where individuals are not given equal voting rights—the Father grants the same privileges to each one of His children:  Free Will. Once given, He never randomly or discriminatively takes it back.  It is yours forever and ever. 

What is the impact of such a gift?  Your free will gives you the right to make your own decisions concerning your life.  You are constantly faced with options and have to make a choice at each fork of the road.  As well, you are part of a much greater organism and you are required to make decisions at multiple levels:  family, community, society, nation, world, and even more. 

How are you throwing your vote?  Are you aware of the power of positive change you detain?  How do you contribute to the global management?  How do you choose between peace and war, love and hate?  If you stayed home rather than partaking in your local or national elections, you would greatly underestimate the difference one vote can make by not doing your share.  Indeed, each voice matters.

Dear ones, it is time to become Peace Activists.  It is time to join forces with the Forces of Love and Light and contribute to their synergetic amplification.  Speak up for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  Aren’t they the best candidates for positive change in the world?  Use your sense of discernment so as not to get caught up in hateful campaigning that only contributes to rob you of your positive energies and disable you. Go within and allow your heart and your head to confer with one another under My Guidance and you will come up with the right decision—the one in Divine Right Order.”