Oregon, USA
Monday, July 24, 2023

“Belief may not be able to resist doubt and withstand fear, but faith is always triumphant over doubting, for faith is both positive and living.”  [UB 102:6.7]

Thought Adjuster: “Way too often, human beings adopt lifelong belief systems, patched together from the mixed media of generational hand-me-downs and social interferences that start at the family unit level. Some of you are more adept than others at sifting through such input in a quest for the ‘good stuff’—practical and enlightening. Ask yourself whether the tapestry of your beliefs is embroidered with the solid threads of enduring moral values dipped in the vibrant undertones of empathy, compassion, and love for humanity. 

All negative emotions are foreign to the Father’s heart and highly toxic to yours. When unsettled by their malignant takeovers, find their points of origin to take swift countermeasures, preventing them from polluting your inner world.

Doubt and fears are debilitating. Any belief system that, explicitly and shamelessly, incorporates the coercive elements of shame, guilt, and fear to control you, is in dire need of reformation, as it exerts undue pressure on your free-will prerogative.

By bravely stepping out in faith in your times of insecurities, you disperse the mental fogginess induced by these emotional downers, regaining mental clarity, and a surer inner footing.  Faith and hope are fear’s potent antidotes, inoculating you with emergency booster shots that release the painful grip of these emotional low-lives. Faith reminds you of your high calling and extracts you from the claustrophobia-inducing underworld of darkness to lift you toward the bright emanations of Spirit. 

Monitor the overall quality of the emotions that populate your inner world.  Kick out the bottom-feeders to make room for more becoming feelings—a free-will choice on your part, adamantly contested by emotional anarchists whose livelihood depends on your co-dependence. Only a fool would choose to remain under their evil spell.”