Oregon, US of A
Friday, December 20, 2019

“The progressive comprehension of reality is the equivalent of approaching God.”  [UB 196:3:3]

Thought Adjuster: “As you gain in experience and gather wisdom on the material world of your birth, you get to grasp that God is the greatest reality of all.  Isn’t He the First Source and Center of All-That-Is? 

“As well, you become increasingly conscious of the invisible planes that govern your human experience—mental, emotional, and spiritual.  This awareness is what differentiates you from the animal kingdom, as you possess an analytical mind that can self-investigate.

“How do you approach God?  Or, for the same token, how do you approach anyone?  Constructive relationships require selfless intentions and mutual appreciation.  The Father may be invisible to the naked eye; however, He can be experienced by the heart—just as exemplified by Jesus during His short human life span.

“Jesus both preconized and prioritized Stillness time.  He withdrew from social interactions to commune with His Indwelling Divine Fragment.  Indeed, the highest reality in the human condition is that the Father dwells within each one of you, thus granting you personal access to the Love-of-God Substance. 

“Certainly, your comprehension of reality is progressive.  In hindsight, you can establish that your initial concepts of the Divine have greatly evolved—maturing from your childish naivety to better-informed understanding.

“Artwork reflects both the mind- and heart-set of the artist.  As well, your handwriting reveals much about your personality.  Therefore, knowing that the Father is Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, you can get in touch with Him through the appreciation of these three Godlike attributes—His Cosmic Calligraphy.

“Do not neglect this fundamental approach.  You were conceived to search for your divine origins, and there is a true power of mutual attraction that assures that your inner longings will draw you back into the Father’s Presence—to reach the climax of blissful fusion.”