Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Thought Adjuster: “The thought entered your mind that truth is conferred mighty powers. It is actionable, whereas lies are not, due to their flimsiness and lack of scaffolding. Truth feeds upon itself, thus evolving into ever greater truth. It complements itself and is constantly upgraded in receptive human consciousness.

Lies bear an expiration date, as they are not sustainable. Much precious energy is squandered by those who make it their sorry and doomed pursuit to justify the unjustifiable. How much more productive it is to abide exclusively by the truth! How much further it propels those who promote it by living by it!

The bottom line is that what clashes with the reliable and logical cosmic laws will fail. Truth is freely available to those who search for it. By following its leadings, you will be guided to more of its crystal-clear essence. It is why Jesus dispatched his Spirit of Truth. He was way ahead of his fellowmen on his personal truth evolution—and still is. Therefore, he is the most qualified to lead you in actionable truth.”