Oregon, USA
Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Thought Adjuster: “God knows the longings of your heart because HE put them there. The only sustainable realities are infused with truth, beauty, and goodness summed up in love-in-action—the divinely condoned power of co-creative manifestation. Moreover, human beings have an innate yearning for immortality —another heavenly download in the fabric of their souls. Such are the most fundamental leadings of Spirit that appeal to the trinity of your heart, mind, and soul—the constitutive elements of your potentially eternal selfhood.

You live in a world materialized from on high with the underlying agenda of acting as the launching pad for your inward and heavenward journey. However, those lacking insights see it as their destination and remain spiritually earthbound. They inflict emotional abuse on their tender embryonic soul because they are too short-sighted to discern its transcendental nature and, sadly, severely stunt its sound development.

You are much more than animalistic beings because you are endowed with superhuman powers that will become increasingly evident once you fully embrace your divine nature. You will then contribute to the immense pool of co-creative powers inherent in those intent on manifesting love, peace, and harmony in oneness. Such a dynamically focused synergy will work wonders of epic proportions.”