Oregon, US of A
Sunday, March 10, 2019

“Variety is restful; monotony is what wears and exhausts.”  [UB 555:05]

Thought Adjuster: “For many of you, life appears to be an endless repetition of ‘same old, same old,’ which weighs down on their mood and diminishes their zest for life—like wearing the same ill-fitting uniform day after day.

“Yet, the whole universe abounds in an unfathomable diversity that you will never fully explore, as the Creative Studio remains forever open with infinite media of expression, and powered by an inextinguishable Life Force.  Why would the Father ever want to retire from what He so enjoys?

“You can spice up your life independently of your financial situation.  What are your passions?  Which personal gifts and talents have you already identified that give you joy?  These are the passes to your much-needed times of ‘re-creation.’

“At the end of your earthly sojourn, when you look back one last time, you will not wish to part with the cherished memories—the highlights of your life that will propel you toward new heights of self-discovery.  On the other hand, you will be eager to shed together with your envelope of flesh all the lowlights that served as scaffolding.

“Go on a quest for your unicity—not your uniformity.  Rather than blending in, humbly stand out—in a positive and co-creative way.  It is how you add texture to the palette of your life and the greater one of humankind—which, in turn, is but a tiny mosaic piece meant to snuggly fit within the cosmic Masterwork. 

“Spend time investigating the possibilities.  It will lift you out of your self-imposed sense of boredom.  Through the magical power of creative imagination, even an impoverished child can turn some discarded object into a mesmarizing toy.”