Oregon, US of A
Saturday, July 4, 2020

“Happiness and joy take origin in the inner life.  You cannot experience real joy all by yourself.”  [UB 111:4:7]

Thought Adjuster: “Because they are energies in motion, emotions climax or hit rock bottom depending on how they are expressed or repressed.  Adequate emotional management is a crucial skill for everyone to acquire and master.  Emotional mastery is tantamount to self-mastery, and self-mastery is tantamount to the Kingdom of Heaven's emergence.  It CANNOT be otherwise. 

The stronghold of positive emotions has to be fiercely defended through present-moment alertness, which will enable you to take quick counter-measures to prevent the Trojan horse of emotional discords from sneaking its way in your inner sanctum and defiling it.

Do take this message to heart, as it provides you with the master key for the moving-in of the precious inner peace, which is at the onset of all worthwhile endeavors. 

Whenever experiencing a powerful emotion, many scan their mental Rolodex, searching for a good listener with whom to share their emotional overflow.  Joy and happiness rank high on the emotional scale.  They also are gateways to powerful heart-openings, as love is the ancestral driving force of All-That-IS—an actionable creative force embedded in you.

On the other hand, beware of negatively-charged emotions.  Their proliferation is ill-advised, as it robs others from their precious peace of mind.  Find constructive ways to deal with them.  Acknowledge their inner surge and turn their force to your advantage.  For example, on the emotional ladder, anger is a rung above depression and can be used as a call to action.  Please do not get stuck there, but use its momentum to climb higher.

Unpleasant emotions are symptomatic of inner unease that could eventually lead to mental or physical ‘dis-eases’ due to your operative systems' interconnectedness.

Gratitude is another gateway to wellness, as it effectively places a gag-order on debilitating complaining, zooming in on the good, the true, and the beautiful at the core of every situation.  By waving its magic wand, you bring to the light the positive contributions of challenging predicaments—the correction course they prompt you to make, thus repositioning you on the right tracks.”