Oregon, US of A
Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “One thing that all spirit-endowed creatures have in common with their Creator is their ability to dream—to formulate a vision for their destiny.

“Yes, I do include the Creator in that unique category, as you are the real proof of His dreams come true. Never would the Father of Love plan for the manifestation of nightmares. Yet, at this stage of the planetary development, it seems that many nightmarish events are occurring. They are part of the epic unfolding of the Father’s Dream—not its unhappy ending.

“What about your life? What are you taking to heart, and how are you actively contributing to its full manifestation? One cannot dream forever, as it is unproductive. Dreamers need to roll up their sleeves to eventuate their fondest dreams, which can only be done through constructive actions.

“The Father thought, spoke, and created— ‘cre-acted.’ His Willpower never falters, and you can be assured that His Cosmic Dream will come true—in its infinite complexity.

“Once you decipher your unique calling, yield to it! You may still be a very novice captain, feeling ill-equipped to weather life’s trials and tribulations. Do not discount My Expertise.  Yours willing, I pledge to stand by you, "come hell or high waters." Why else would I have hailed from the realms of perfection to indwell you?

“I am the Father’s Ambassador for YOUR life. I graph the map taking you to your eternal destination. All that I need from you is your undying faith in Me—the certitude that I have your highest good at heart and will never settle for less. We can make great strides together. Once you are fully on board, an undeniable momentum will occur, as you will weigh the anchor of resistance, and eagerly deploy your spiritual sail, allowing Me to fill it with My reliable Tradewinds.”