Oregon, US of A
Monday, August 3, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Greet me each morning upon awakening so that we can start a brand-new day together. Come to me with a spirit refreshed by the nightly reboot, and I will prep you to perceive the opportunities of a brand-new day—a virgin page in your book of life.  

The thrill of life does not stem from its myriads of 'déjà vus' but from adequately addressing its 'jamais vus'—the never encountered before.  The morning skies bless you daily with original light shows, underscored by the improvised chirping of birds. Shouldn’t you be eager to discover the novelties each day has in store for you to make it memorable instead of forgettable?

Someone may make a guest appearance in the cast of your daily episode, entering the stage of your life to play an impactful minor or significant role in its unfolding destiny. How will you respond on the spur-of-the-moment? You certainly have the final say on the delivery of your lines.  

You must develop a keen sense of responsibility for your thoughts, decisions, and the impact of their subsequent actions—or lack thereof. Your destiny is in your hands; you shape it moment by moment.

However, as I am ever-present in your mind, you do not have to work solo. With your permission, I will be your acting coach and enlighten your mind with my subliminal input. My mission statement is to elevate your thoughts over the debilitating vibrations of stage fright.

I will customize your homework assignments to build your character's resiliency and make you emerge as a winner no matter what life throws at you. Together, we shall make it through. How else could I make good on my promise of eternal life?”