Saturday, July 25, 2020

“…the apparent cruelty of a perverse fate that heaps tribulation upon some suffering mortal may in reality be the tempering fire that is transmuting the soft iron of immature personality into the tempered steel of real character.”  [UB 118:10:9]

Thought Adjuster: “How often are you disgruntled by the seemingly cruel hand that life deals you? Human beings often react negatively to drastic turns of events because they feel wrongly singled out, which adds to their mounting list of grievances.  

How can you alter such a pessimistic take on life? First, never forget that you are evolutionary creatures. You would evolve at a snail pace, at most, if life did not kick you out of your comfort zone with its unforeseen twists and turns.   

Secondly, I urge you to use ‘revelatory’ hindsight to reflect on how much the demands of past challenges have changed you—for the better, provided that you tackled them with faith, courage, and goodwill.  

It was a significant advancement when your Paleolithic ancestors figured out how to domesticate the dangerous fire element and use it for hunting, defending themselves, and building light- and warmth-providing campfires. They certainly did not have the intellectual knowledge that starting a fire required the presence of three elements: fuel, oxygen, and heat. The severe discomfort of bone-chilling temperatures was one of the factors that challenged their resourcefulness.

The taming of the fire element brought the Stone Age to an end. It had lasted roughly 3.4 million years and ended with the invention of smelting copper and then bronze, thus inaugurating the Bronze Age.

There are uncountable success stories prompted by the need to overcome the handicaps of time and space. Where would you be along your technological evolution had the wheel never been invented?

Look at your life from the perspective of the positive outcomes yielded by grueling situations. Those who refuse to call it quit amid such difficulties become expert problem-solvers and inspirational figures. Even little birds need to leave their padded nest to take their maiden flight. Their wings would atrophy if they refused to make this daunting leap.

Be go-getters! Treat all these pop-up tests as your homework assignments. They are your demanding teachers—stern character builders and soul therapists who coach you to complete your next expertise level. Time will tell, won't it?”