Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, October 8, 2019

"Let us talk about the Power Trio that is constituted by the three-way collaboration between your Angelic Guardian of Destiny, Me—your Indwelling Divine Fragment—and you, who are currently a creature of time and space.

“Your Guardian Angels are the daughters of the motherly Spirit of your local universe. Together with Me, a Divine Spark who hailed from Paradise, we constitute your spiritual ascension party. Through our three-way collaboration, we are each other’s access door to three planes of existence: material (you), semi-material or ‘morontial’ (your angels), and Paradisiac (Me).

“It may seem like a long stretch to you—and it is. The beauty of Ascension is that it is a journey of eternal discovery. The Father planned it that way. Rather than instantly teleporting you from the Ground Zero of your earthly existence to the Heights of Paradise, you will gradually ascend there, as you need to acclimate to the increasingly rarefied spiritual atmosphere by going through many spiritual growth spurts and metamorphoses. Your current material organism is not fit to accompany you on the next leg of your voyage.

“As well, the infinite cosmic organism holds much truth, beauty, and goodness in store for you. These elements are there to feed your soul and stimulate your appreciation, prompting you to express your profound and ever-growing gratitude to the One Who created All-That-Is keeping YOU in mind and heart.

“Yes, the highest good is all-encompassing.  Ultimately, you too will become elements of manifestation of these supernal qualities of truth, beauty, and goodness.

“What about the Creator’s Highest Good? Doesn’t it have to be manifested by His creatures? Doesn’t a child grow to make his parents proud? Children's achievements bring joy to the parental heart. Make the Father proud by embracing His Guidance and becoming self-realized beings! Self-realization starts with your free will decision. Certainly, you have plenty of assistance in that process.

“Your angelic guardians are prepping you for the next leg of your journey. They are orchestrating life circumstances that will prompt you to stretch your spiritual wings so that you can join them once you have discarded your physical body and are no longer live within the gravitational embrace of Mother Earth.”