Oregon, USA
Monday, May 17, 2021

Thought Adjuster: “It is difficult for many of you to project light unto others without tuning it down with a derogative ‘but.’ This tiny conjunction acts like a bug landing on the high-resolution lens of your heart, etching a dark spot in stark contrast with the total luminosity of unconditional love.

Jesus was an undefiled channel for love.  The Prince of Peace was also the Prince of Love, as one cannot be without the other.  While a truce is a pause amidst conflict, authentic peace is an existential state that leaves your heart unruffled amidst turbulences—acting as the heroic steward of your earthly vessel.

Remember that you are deckhands in training for Captainship and that each problematic turn of events is a drill toward this masterful achievement.

By consistently radiating love toward all, you partake in their coming to full bloom. Include yourself in that process. The central sun of your emotional heart will eventually blast all shadow areas apart, blessing you with eye- and heart-opening ‘in-sights.’

Jesus was such a truth revelator, never condescending toward his less enlightened fellowmen. Instead, he humbly bridged the gap by going down on his knees to wash their feet—both an uplifting gesture and a great social equalizer.

To find self-validation by invalidating others is nothing but a smokescreen.  The flaws you are so quick at assigning to others reflect back to you. It takes one to know one—or think you do.”