Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “As you settle in the Stillness to hear My Still Small Voice, you realize that any meaningful communication can only occur if you step out of your mental busyness to listen with undivided attention. 

“Many among you give up before getting started, as their unruly mind rebels against what it considers at first an imposition, being unaccustomed to go within and pause in silence.  How then can you expect to ever hear My Still Small Voice that apparently blends into the silence?

“Yet, as you practice, it becomes obvious that what you previously perceived as an unsettling silent zone is a soothing place that is not so silent after all, as you can now pick up on the dictation of My Still Small Voice. 

“You could liken it to one of these sensory deprivation tanks that isolate their occupants from numerous forms of sensory input all at once and serve as a bridge between to alternative realities. Like the motherly womb, they are temperature-regulated, salt-water filled, soundproof, and lightproof.

“Your entire being NEEDS to reconnect with such a rich quality of silence, as it was its initial environment before being born into this world—a growth promoting environment.

“Silence is multi-layered, just as noise is.  The louder the decibels, the more agitated you become, to the point of wanting to scream, as such loudness clashes with your innate nature that thrives on calmness.

“Dear ones, become proficient at listening to the sounds of silence!  Thus doing, your whole being will become invaded by the Peace that passes all understanding and that is ‘out of this world’ but ‘of My World’.  Once you experience it, you will KNOW what I am talking about and you will naturally want to experience it over and over again, as you will become the recipient of its amazing healing benefits.  Just as an infant suckles nutrients from its mother’s breast, you will turn within to suckle My appeasing Nectar.”