Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Uteah: “Agodonters” are those who believe without seeing. Yet, THEY CAN FEEL.  It is hard to rely entirely on these vibratory sensations, but, if you close your eyes, they become more real. 

“What do you do when you have to find your way in the darkness?  You rely on the blessings of your other senses—especially those you use routinely without giving them much thought.

“What Agodonters have in common with Celestial Beings is assuredly their energetic bodies.  Indeed, everything boils down to energy—in different packages.  Love is the compelling dynamic field that attracts all sentient beings of God’s vast creation.  It is the Heavenly Power House that fuels all lives.

“In your stillness time, you close your ears to the outside noises and listen within to the Silence that you will come to realize is filled with messages.  Just as you can learn to reveal writings made with invisible ink, so do learn to listen to words silently spoken.  You get to grasp how real they are!

“Energies are one of the common denominators between all living beings.  Your frequency determines with whom you connect.  Therefore, by consciously elevating your vibrations, you get access to higher levels of spiritual communication.

“This can be likened to stepping into an elevator.  Which button matches your current vibrations?  Will it propel you out of the dark basement into the bright penthouse?  Those who cannot see may feel they are living in that basement.  Yet, through vibrational upgrades, they connect with realms of Love and light and override their 'Agodonter mentality.'

“Dear ones, it will not happen without efforts on your part.  How much do you want to experience such a state of illumination?  The degree of your longing will determine whether you act upon it.  Sooner or later, you will come to that conclusion.

“Rather than complaining about the ambient darkness, shoot for the ambient light.  Relocate to higher realms of consciousness—the rooms with a view!