Oregon, US of A
Thursday, December 10, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “How does Spirit work with you?  It is assuredly on a need-to-know basis that promotes your personal development. Spirit aims to groom you as a benevolent agent for disseminating truth, beauty, and goodness—the three pillars of the kingdom of the heart.

 How can you silently share such precious substances?  By embodying them—becoming one of their living projectors.  If you are grounded in truth, it will do wonders for your development.  It will rearrange the clues you have painstakingly uncovered in a logical sequence since truth makes perfect sense.  As long as there remain any grey areas in what you profess to be the truth, it does not meet the failproof criteria of being ‘nothing but the truth.’

However, keep in mind that you are often dealing with relative truth due to your evolutionary nature.  ‘I am no longer who I used to be’ is a statement of fact for evolving souls.  In hindsight, you can pinpoint how life contributed to finetuning your persona once you learn to approach it from a spiritual vantage point.

Solicit the educational guidance of those who are in the know.  Grateful humility is the prerequisite for amending your faulty views and ways.  You have to be made aware first through the eye-openers of well-timed truth disclosures before you can ‘re-form’ them.

By taking to heart the higher guidance you receive, you qualify yourself as a legitimate truth seeker. It will act as a magnet to attract the solicited data. You will know then you ‘get it,' as soul-liberating ah-ha moments are celebratory.  You will then own practical and practicable living truth. By diligently applying it to your lifestyle, it will self-validate through its positive ramifications.”