Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Your mind is My area of expertise. It is My dwelling place, which allows Me to work ‘hands-on’ with you. From the ‘head-quarter’ of your being, your brain continually and simultaneously sends out a multitude of complex signals to keep your body operational. However, its function extends far beyond the workings of your physical body. It gives you access to more sublime realities, and My Mission is to elevate your thinking and prep you for the after-life. 

“Let us look at your thought processes more closely. Your incessant mental chatter jumps from one topic to the next as if plagued with a severe case of Attention Deficit Disorder. You could intuit that it can be entertaining from My perspective—just as you would be quite amused if you picked up on the disjointed train of thoughts of others. However, many thought processes, far from being amusing, are worrisome to Us, the Thought Monitors.

“We strive to draw your attention to meaningful topics, helping you flesh them out and nip in the bud those who are lightweight and unproductive, frequently triggered by random catalysts or electro-chemical impulses.  You won't even recall these passing thoughts, as they seem to evaporate into thin air.  On the other hand, you may entertain some obsessive thinking that keeps your mind trapped in a loop.

"Those who are on the look-out for thoughts of a higher caliber will remain mentally alert, and their interest will be piqued when more substantial thoughtforms show up. I am right there, doing My best to help your mind zoom on them.  They are the care-packages air-dropped from Higher Realms to enlighten your mind. 

“It is within your free will prerogative to promote Me to the more advanced status of Thought-Controller, taking you toward heightened mental perspectives. Which one will it be? Will you let your unruly mind take off like a runaway train? Or will you encourage it to tear down the restrictive fences of boring and repetitive mental patterns that are holding it hostage? Please, let Me be the Master of Ceremonies of your thoughts.”